Update February 2019
Thank you to everyone who has donated to our toilets campaign. We’ve raised £7300 and building has been completed! We’ve received the photos below which show the development of one of the toilet blocks. We’ll have more news and photos soon. We have no doubt that additional funds will be required for this project so if you can help please donate using the links below.

About the campaign
Life in our twin town has been hard recently: first an occupation by armed groups, then continuing shortages and insecurity. The national Government finds it hard to provide services in the north of Mali, and Timbuktu’s schools have had no investment for many years.

One of the things that schools desperately need is new and refurbished toilets. Hay2Timbuktu raised the money to rebuild the toilets at three secondary schools in 2018.

Our school is 114 years old, but the toilets have never been modernised. They are almost entirely dilapidated. We have tried for years to get support to repair them, but nobody has the money.”
Headmaster of Yehia Alkaya School

Most of the students have missed courses every day because of lack of toilets, particularly girls, when they are in need they usually have to go home and miss their courses…the boys manage but it’s always difficult… girls are afraid to use the same toilets as the boys and they are in any case near the school gates and insecure…
English teacher

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