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At the core of our organisation lie the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Improving standards of healthcare is at the heart of the goals. Hay2Timbuktu enables healthcare professionals, working in partnership with local people and NGOs, to address three key aims:
– Reduce child mortality
– Improve maternal health
– Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
We are promoting links between our local general practice, Haygarth Surgery, local midwives, and health workers in Timbuktu.

In 2017 in the health group saw the completion of our two year maternal and infant education project working with our three health clinics (CSCOMs) of Bellafarandi, Sankore and Kabara. This project has spread health messages around the areas of Timbuktu that surround the clinics about when and why people should seek health care both for women in pregnancy and after birth and for the early months and years of a child’s life.

We are hoping that the response and level of patients attending the clinics will be maintained as a result of this work and will continue to monitor this.

We were able to send funds to each clinic to purchase necessary equipment to improve the service they can provide. The equipment that each CSCOM requested has been delivered safely and we have photos from each clinic with some of the staff receiving this. Much of what was needed was basic furniture, examination couch and basic medical equipment.

We are now in discussions with the CSCOMs and AMSS to support two girls through midwifery training in Timbuktu with the hope that they would be able to work when trained at a CSCOM. The training is three years and if successful we may be able to look at repeating this in the future